Starbucks Kicks Off Christmas Season With A Free Reusable Cup!

You better hustle though.

Starbucks is giving away free reusable red cups to anyone who orders a holiday drink today. But if last year is any indication of how it's gonna play out, you better hustle cuz they run out FAST!

If you manage to snag the cup, it will also get you 50 cents off holiday drinks after 2:00 P.M. through the first week of January.

As usual, there are four "Holiday" themed cups. They seem to be pretty Christmas-y this year.

1.  A red cup with green polka dots.

2.  A white cup with the words "MERRY COFFEE" printed over and over in red.

3.  A cup covered in red and white candy cane stripes with "STARBUCKS" printed over and over in green.

4.  And a dark green cup with small white letters saying "MERRY COFFEE" wrapping around it.