We Might Be Able to Go to Concerts Again . . . If We Wear Spacesuits?

The idea of going to a concert right now . . . seems like a futuristic dream doesn't it?

Would it be a lot easier to imagine if you had a special SPACESUIT to protect you from everything and everyone around you?

Micrashell to the rescue!

They have designed a spacesuit which is kind of like a half-spacesuit with its own ventilation system.  It's airtight, but only covers your upper body . . . so you won't have any trouble hitting the restroom.

It has a camera, speakers, and a wireless communication system, which will even allow you to "mute" people around you. (That feature could come in handy)

Apparently, the idea is that the venues would own these suits . . . give them to attendees . . . and sanitize them between uses.  The company says they hope to have them ready by the time concerts start up again. 

Video/Photo Cred: Instagram @productionclub