We spend how much on guilty pleasures over our lifetime?!

Updated: May 7, 2019

Bah. It's just money...we're gonna die anyway right? That's been my jam most of my life...obviously that hasn't always worked out in my favor. One look at my savings account...and um.... Well it ain't pretty. But I've lived...and I wouldn't change any of those experiences for an extra buck in my account now.

But when you really look into how much we spend on what...it is kinda shocking.

A new survey says the average person will make $372,163 (CAN) worth of guilty purchases over their lifetime.

Here are the top ten things we feel bad about buying . . .

1.  Eating at restaurants, because the food's so overpriced.  47% of us feel guilty.

2.  New clothes, 46%.

3.  Electronics, 38%.

4.  Shoes, 35%.

5.  Delivery or take out, 35%.

6.  Alcohol, 34%.

7.  Cosmetics or other beauty-related items, 31%.

8.  Snacks, 30%.

9.  Vacations or money spent on traveling, 24%.

10.  Your passions, including hobbies, 24%.

Guilty for travelling? Passions? Eating? Dressing yourself? ... Really? Aren't they all necessary for a happy fulfilled life? Okay, maybe alcohol. Maybe I'll give the survey that. But then again, sometimes you need it to forget how much you spent on everything else.